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Earlier in January Universal Orlando starting sending out emails to select passholders stating Congratulations you have been chosen to be apart of an exclusive Universal Studios Mardi Gras Test Experience. No one had any idea what was in store for passholders until the signup date at the end of January. One of our admins ended up getting an invite as well so we got a first hand look. After signing up and getting logged in the tokens above are the ones you could earn by doing tasks both in park and online. We will go into detail about what each token entails in just a little bit.

Earning points online was great. You earned them by doing survey’s, social media posts, or by purchasing them. The survey’s were aimed at us the passholders and what we would like to see more of. That made us happy to see and giving feedback is always a great way to enhance the passholder experience. The social media post’s were fun as well. You got to tweet out about what you enjoy and your likes about Mardi Gras. Lastly you could purchase points as well. This option makes it convenient in case you can’t always make it out to the parks.

The in park experience for collecting points was awesome as well. You had to roam around the park searching for buttons. Each button was worth a certain amount of points just like the online options. The buttons were found using AR so you just used your device to find them. The Mardi Gras team also held in park meetings you could attend where they would gather our feedback and help us with any questions we may have had.

Let’s take a look at the tokens:

The My Say Token could be purchased for only 5 points. The My Say Token allows you to vote on topics to influence new UOAP benefits for the resort. Everything from swag, experiences, and much more.

The My Way Token lets you create and customize a 3D digital Mardi Gras button for only 25 points. Once you create your button you can drop it anywhere around the park for you and other experience participants to see and explore through the AR-viewfinder.

Lastly we come to the My Day Token. For only 75 points this token unlocked access to a special Mardi Gras party inside Universal Studios. The token was only accessible to 150 participants and they could bring a plus one. With that being said ir was a party for 300 people only. We will have an article all about the party soon.

We really enjoyed our journey leading up to the party. It was so much fun being engaged with the test team and they did an amazing job keeping us up to date about everything that was going on. I mean we will always take another reason to hang out at Universal Orlando Resort. We hope Universal continues and expands on these experiences. What are your thoughts on the Token Experience after reading this article? Let us know in the comments.

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