Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster Coming To Six Flags Over Georgia

Kid Flash Single-Rail Family Coaster

Six Flags Over Georgia announced a new single-rail family racing coaster earlier this year. They officially announced today as Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster. This coaster is designed for all ages and will debut this summer.

Overhead View of Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster

The all-new Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster is a P’Sghetti Bowl twin-tracked roller coaster featuring innovative single-rail track and an inclusive train design that provides comfortable seating for both children and adults. I don’t know about all of you but being comfortable is what is all about. Like a twisted bowl of spaghetti as seen above, the twin tracks cross over and under each other a dozen times during the ride cycle. The two sides can run simultaneously for racing action or with a single side. That is kind of cool so id one side is down the other can still operate.

Gotham City Entrance

Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster will be situated in one of the most popular sections of the park Gotham City. The new attraction continues Six Flags commitment to providing thrills the whole family can enjoy. Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster is going to set the stage for a summer filled with exciting new memories tp be had for guests of all ages.

Racing Time at Six Flags Over Georgia

The attraction was created by Skyline Attractions, this unique coaster will run two trains, on two parallel dueling tracks, simultaneously allowing guests to compete and race to the finish. If that doesn’t get your excitement up nothing will. Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster has 1,124 ft of track and a minimum height requirement of 36 inches. The new coaster will expand ride offerings for families and younger thrill seekers.

Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster at Night

The Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster will join the villains and heroes in Gotham City and will showcase a colorful LED lighting display, immersing riders in their very own comic book story. Integrated into the track’s top and sides, the coaster tracks into a kaleidoscope of lights and colors. This will create a dynamic ride experience to be enjoyed by riders of all ages.

Don’t Forget Six Flags Over Georgia opens Saturday March 4th to kickoff the 2023 season. During Spring Break/Scream Break April 1-9 the park will be open daily. The Brews and Bites Festival will follow April 22-30. Daily summer operations will begin Memorial Day Weekend, with the opening of Hurricane Harbor.

The best way to enjoy the thrills is with a season pass and they are available now for as low as $49.99. For all of the latest information and to purchase your season passes for 2023 please visit

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