Cowabunga! We Got to Ride the Waves on Pipeline: SeaWorld’s Surf Coaster

The world’s very first surf coaster, Pipeline at SeaWorld Orlando features thrilling overbanked turns, intense speed, and plenty of airtime. Designed with upright seating that actually “bounces” riders up and down with the movement of the vehicle, Pipeline is the seventh coaster to join SeaWorld’s already impressive line up!

We were so honored to ride this first-of-its-kind attraction during a special media preview, and we CAN’T WAIT to tell you about it. Thank you, SeaWorld Orlando, for inviting us out!

Now, hang loose while we take an in-depth look at this innovative new attraction – Pipeline: The Surf Coaster!

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster Facts and Figures

Reaching a maximum height of 110 feet, Pipeline spans almost 3,000 feet of track and reaches speeds up to 60 mph. But what really sets this coaster apart is its “wave curl” inversion, beautiful water effect, initial surfer launch, and of course, the previously mentioned dynamic and movement-focused seating. With this innovative, “wave-jumping” seat; upright riders will move freely with the motion of the train – resulting in a total of FIVE airtime moments!

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster Queue

Entering the Pipeline area between the Flamecraft Bar and Bayside Stadium, guests will find colorful coaster signage and beach-esque landscaping. While the queue and boarding area are not heavily themed, they do feature light touches of surfing decor and references.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster Experience

Wow! Pipeline is such a fun ride and unique coaster! The vehicle movements are super fast and very thrilling, but the track is still incredibly smooth. As someone who does occasionally have head and neck pain when riding a big coaster, I experienced zero discomfort on Pipeline. Check out the POV video below for our realtime reactions to the Pipeline experience.

*My ride experience and personal pain tolerance is, of course, subjective. Always read and follow the posted warnings before riding Pipeline Surf Coaster or any other attraction.*

My favorite part of Pipeline is the absolutely incredible airtime! During these moments, my feet actually left the board, allowing me to float in the air for a short second. If you are a roller coaster fan, you do not want to miss this remarkable and memorable attraction.

A look at the Pipeline vehicles and their dynamic seats

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster Merchandise

As always, all rides must end in the gift shop! SeaWorld has released a variety of Pipeline-branded merchandise including clothing, stickers, drinkware, and specialty magnets.

Ready to Ride Pipeline, the World’s First Surf Coaster?

Can’t wait to ride Pipeline? Annual Passholder previews start as early as TODAY – May 12. Select dates are available based on your Member tier. Take a look at the schedule below:

May 12 – 15: Platinum Pass Members

May 18 – 20: Platinum and Gold Pass Members

May 21 – 23: Platinum, Gold, and Silver Pass Members

May 24 – 25: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Pass Members

May 26: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Pass Members plus Fun Card and Teacher Card holders

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster will be open to all guests starting Saturday, May 27. If you’d like to learn more about Pipeline, watch the official ride teaser video, or start planning your visit – check out

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