We Escaped the Storm on DarKoaster – NOW OPEN at Busch Gardens Williamsburg! 

Continuing the unique story of “Curse of DarKastle,” a Busch Gardens Williamsburg favorite, DarKoaster is NOW OPEN! This innovative attraction combines the best elements of thrilling coaster and spooky dark ride including exhilarating speeds, special effects, spooky imagery, and even some beloved fog. As North America’s first indoor straddle coaster, it’s a family-friendly thrill ride with a ghostly twist! 

We were so excited to attend a special Media Day for this remarkable new attraction. During this exclusive event, we got to enjoy the coaster, explore the queue, and learn all about this stunning addition to the park’s already impressive roller coaster line up. Thank you, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, for inviting us out! 

DarKoaster Facts and Figures

DarKoaster features over 2,400 feet of track with four gripping launches as well as a variety of sudden turns. With speeds up to 36 mph, this ride is satisfying for serious coaster enthusiasts while remaining gentle enough for more timid riders. DarKoaster contains zero inversions. 

The DarKoaster Experience

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg

DarKoaster Queue and Loading Platform

Entering a forbidding, castle-themed queue; guests will see a variety of discarded supplies from a fictional company called Dark Tours. Pondering what could have happened to the previous explorers, we enter the loading platform area to find several large “windows” with views to the Castle’s exterior sky. Through these decorative windows, we notice a raging blizzard closing in on DarKastle and threatening to trap us inside its cursed walls! It’s time to hop on our snowmobiles and escape the coming storm!  

Pro-Tip: Because of the coaster’s design, it can be difficult to see some of the spooky theming and paranormal elements from behind other riders. I definitely recommend taking the time to wait for the front row of this attraction. 

The DarKoaster Ride 

Once we leave the loading platform, it’s time to ride! DarKoaster brings us through chilled air, physical and screen-based theming effects, and lots of fun twists and turns to create an unforgettable experience for spooky fans, coaster enthusiasts, and brave families alike!

Just above is an “off-ride” video of my experience on DarKoaster.
Spoiler Alert! You will see the track layout as well as some of the theming effects in this footage.

*While DarKoaster is known as a family-friendly attraction, riders will be plunged into near total darkness and confronted with some (admittedly very mild) spooky images. Parents are encouraged to use discretion before riding with their children.* 

Yet, even with all its thrilling elements, DarKoaster provides a smooth ride with no uncomfortable jostling or unnecessary bodily stress. After four back-to-back journeys on this attraction, I had zero pain in my head or neck. I found the ride to be comfortable and relatively gentle – a perfect start for younger or more timid coaster fans. 

*Of course, my experiences are subjective. Always heed any posted signs or safety warnings before riding DarKoaster or any other attraction.* 

Ready to Ride DarKoaster? 

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Combining a thrilling indoor straddle coaster with spooky dark ride, DarKoaster is a unique addition to Busch Gardens Williamsburg! Start planning your expedition to the abandoned DarKastle now by visiting buschgardens.com/williamsburg. And don’t forget to follow Busch Gardens on Instagram for all the latest updates! 

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