Venture Under the Big Top at Paranormal Cirque III!

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Now playing at the Riviera Dunes Marina in Palmetto, don’t miss Paranormal Cirque III! This R-rated spooky circus features a creepy projection-based preshow, stunning acrobatic performances, aerial work, tight rope walkers, and even a bit of comedic relief!

Before the Show

When you arrive at Paranormal Cirque III’s ominous black and white tent, you’ll first have the opportunity to grab a snack, shop for souvenirs, or (my personal favorite) enter their onsite haunted house! The dark maze is full of terrifying characters, jump scares, and claustrophobic spaces.

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Paranormal Cirque III

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Once the show starts, you’ll enjoy over two hours of breathtaking circus acts – all with a horror theme! The performances are interspersed with scenes of comedic relief and audience participation for a balanced look at all things spooky. My favorite act was a hair-hanging number inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

To See or Not to See Paranormal Cirque III?

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If you enjoy spooky vibes and/or Cirque-type productions, definitely consider a visit to Paranormal Cirque III. Halloween enthusiasts will appreciate the eerie atmosphere, and their acrobatic and aerial performances are absolutely spectacular!

How to Visit Paranormal Cirque III

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Paranormal Cirque III will be playing in Palmetto until April 16. The show will then move to  Fort Myers from April 20-23, Brandon from April 27-30, Palm Bay from May 4-7, and Ocala from May 11-14. Learn more about Paranormal Cirque (and buy tickets to the show) on their website!

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