Universal’s Minion Expansion

Minion fans rejoice!

Universal has finally announced what will be replacing the recently closed Shrek-4D attraction. Upon closing, we were teased with a video where an onion (like an ogre) was replaced with a banana (a minions favorite food)

Of course, as soon as this video hit Twitter, we knew exactly what to expect. MINIONS.

I’m sure most of us however thought that was it. A new Minion based attraction was set to replace Shrek 4-D that ran for roughly 19 years.

Later on, we started to see some construction walls go up around the former attraction and not many people gave it a second though. That was until the closing of the Universal Studios Monster’s Cafe.

Now, I’m not sure who expected that one.

Home to the literal best rotisserie chicken ever, the Monsters Cafe sat at the end of production central since 1998. For years, it hosted quick service meals with various menu offerings as well as house Scareactor Dining at Halloween Horror Nights.

I don’t think “Minions Cafe replacing Monsters Cafe” was on my 2022 Bingo card but, here we are.

This all leads to an announcement posted by Universal just days ago. All of the closures have been in preparation for Illuminations Villain-Con Minion Blast.

Set to open in Summer 2023, this new attraction will allow guests to board a “moving walkway” style platform. So far, we know that plot will be based around the very popular new movie, Minions: The Rise of Gru. Guests will be face to face with the Vicious 6, the movies supervillain squad were they will be able to use their skills to hit a variety of target items with blasters.

After the ride, guests will be able to head down what will now be known as “Minion Land” to grab a bite at the all new Minions Cafe. Though the menu is unknown, we can assume it will be similar to the counterpart over at Universal Hollywood and serve mainly soups, salads, and sandwiches.

With all these new updates coming to Universal in the coming year. We want to know your thoughts! Are you excited for a new ride and resturaunt? Or do you wish Universal would have picked a new IP or original concept to replace a fan-favorite attraction and restaurant.

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