Serengeti Flyer Now Open at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Serengeti Flyer is Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s newest thrill ride. Serengeti Flyer is located in the Serengeti Plain section of the park and replaced Rhino Rally which closed on September 1st, 2014.

Serengeti Flyer

While riding Serengeti Flyer riders will experience multiple negative-G moments while reaching a top speed of 68 mph, and reaching to the skies at a maximum height of 135 feet. The two gondolas hold 10 across back-to-back allowing 40 riders at a time to experience the world’s tallest and fastest ride of it’s kind.

Nighttime Ride on Serengeti Flyer

We had the opportunity to ride Serengeti Flyer during the day and night during annual pass exclusive ride times. It is a really good ride at any time of the day and we suggest riding it on both sides and in the day and night times to see which you prefer. It is very smooth and will lift out of your seats at points throughout the ride.

Serengeti Flyer

The is a screaming swing and is listed as an extreme level thrill. The minimum height required is 48 inches. It is truly a different ride experience then anything else offered currently at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The ride officially opened February 27th and is ready fir you to start screaming.

Serengeti Flyer Cake

The Serengeti Flyer Cake is a new addition to the food options at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. This cake was a fantastic lemon flavored cake with whipped topping and a vanilla chocolate candy on top. If you purchase one we suggest sharing as we couldn’t finish alone.

Busch Gardens Annual Pass Options

The Best Way to experience Serengeti Flyer and all of the other amazing rides and events is by becoming an annual pass member today. Depending on which pass you pickup you will receive free parking, discounts up to 50%, admission to other parks in the Busch Gardens family, and much much more. You will also get exclusive access to new ride openings, monthly rewards, and more. To check out current benefits and become a pass member today visit

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