Halloween Horror Nights: R.I.P. Tour Review

Group Photo of our Freaky Family

The biggest question we get asked is the private R.I.P. tour worth the money. We are here to tell you it is worth every penny and you will wonder how you ever did HHN without it. We have been going to HHN for over 20 years and 2 years ago we had some extra cash and decided to book a private R.I.P. for the first time. We had heard so many things about R.I.P. tours and that private is the way to go if you have 10-12 friends its perfect. The first tip is to book early dates and times do fill up fast. We always book our R.I.P. for the end of October. Additionally we always book the earliest time of the evening so we can eat and get started. The earliest time is 5:30 P.M.. This time slot gives you more time to spent enjoying the event.

Another main reason to book early is cost. The longer in the season you wait the more you will end up paying. We noticed the price went up every week as it got closer to the date. The cost for our private R.I.P. was a little over four thousand dollars with our annual pass discount for 12 people. We booked our’s at the end of September for the end of October. Now let’s get into some of the perks of the R.I.P..

Private R.I.P.

The private R.I.P. allows you to spend it with friends and family. You start off checking in at the V.I.P. lounge to meet your tour guide and set your itinerary. You can request the same tour guide every year if you find one that you love. We have always requested Haylee because she is simply amazing and knows everything about the parks. She has defiantly become part of our family.

Cafe La Bamba R.I.P. Tour Buffet

Before you hit the spooky streets of HHN you start off with a buffet style dinner. It is mostly appetizer type foods but there is plenty to fill you up including some amazing desserts. This past year they had a favorite of ours Nashville Hot Mac and Cheese, and the famous Pizza Fries. You also get all the soda and water you can drink. Lastly there is a cash bar inside in case you want an adult beverage such as beer or alcoholic drinks. Cafe La Bamba was open for pretty much the whole tour to stop and relax whenever we needed to. The food wasn’t there all night but the drinks were which is nice because its so hot and you need to stay hydrated.

Pizza Fries, Nashville Hot Chicken, and more
Haunted House Lines

We all agree the best perk of an R.I.P. is skipping the lines. We all saw during HHN 31 the crowds and wait times were crazy. The biggest perk is no matter the wait time you don’t have to wait at all during your R.I.P. tour. You literally walk up and go right in and you can do the same house as many times as you want. We know with the private R.I.P. tour you have your guide until the end of the evening so it’s unlimited front of the line all night. During HHN 30 we did over 50 house walk through’s and for HHN 31 it was about 26 house walk through’s. Haylee was amazing she gave such incredible back stories on all of the scarezones and houses which made our experience that much better.

Jimmy Fallon Cash Bar

You will also have the opportunity to visit the upstairs of the Jimmy Fallon ride during your tour. There is a private cash bar lounge just for R.I.P. guests to relax. It is cool to see the park from this angle. You get to look out at all the crowds and such.

Exclusive R.I.P. Tour Lanyard

We will never do a HHN season again without including at least one R.I.P. tour night. It takes all of the stress of worrying about getting everything done and you can just enjoy the night. The perks are all there from an exclusive lanyard, to reserved seating at shows, food and drinks, a private place to relax, and most importantly zero wait times. Grab a group of friends and book an R.I.P. Tour for HHN this year we promise you won’t regret it. See you all in the fog this haunt season.

View from the R.I.P. Check-in
Group photo with Jack during our HHN 30 R.I.P.

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